Tinder Cookies?! (Plus 6 More Wedding Sugar Cookies You’ll Love)


As you embark on your wedding planning, we are sure that you are finding that there are plenty of choices available when it comes to what type of wedding cake or wedding dessert to have. From classic confections featuring flowers or piping  to a more non-traditional choice such as a show-stopping geometric wedding cakethere is a great deal of advice for choosing a wedding cake available so that you should have no problem finding a creative and tantalyzing wedding cakeincluding the hot new trend of multiple mini wedding cakesas well as black wedding cake options that alt-brides will love

But of course you know that there is no rule that you have to serve just wedding cake for your wedding dessert – or that you have a cake at all. There are certainly many options if you’re not the type of bride who gets excited by the traditional round, 2 or 3-tier white wedding cake, or by any wedding cake at all. There are wedding dessert ideas that are not cake, such as candy bars and dessert tablesas well as other  non-traditional wedding dessert ideas and wedding cake alternatives.

And what about cookies as a wedding dessert option?  Check out these tinder cookies plus 6 more wedding sugar cookies you’ll love, reblogged from the knot:

Swipe right for these delicious sugar cookie designs!

By Rachel Torgerson

Tinder-themed wedding sugar cookies


You may be thinking that a wedding is no place for Tinder, but you’d be wrong. At least in the case of Pennsylvania couple Ben and Jennifer, who both found themselves too busy to try to date in person, and ended up meeting on Tinder and getting married! To show the dating app some love on the day-of, they decided to serve sugar cookies with special Tinder-themed designs, like a flame icon, and even “Like” and “Nope” icons.

Sugar cookies are a really fun way to incorporate personality into your wedding, whether you’re playing up how you met, your state pride or your wedding colors. See six more sugar cookies we love below!

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Wedding Cake-Themed Sugar Cookies


Wedding cake themed sugar cookies in blue and white



Stacking “pearl-” lined cookies on top of each other looks exactly like a mini wedding cake — such an adorable idea for a midnight snack. At least that’s what Adam and Michelle decided at their Laguna Beach, California wedding.

Suit and Tie Wedding Sugar Cookies


Suit and tie decorated sugar cookies at a wedding



Jeff and Josh decorated sugar cookies at their Pasadena, California wedding with coordinated suit and tie outfits.

State-Shaped Wedding Sugar Cookies With Hearts for Capital Cities


State pride blue and white Oklahoma cookies



Rachel and Dan showed their Oklahoma state pride by serving these blue and white sugar cookies with hearts for the capital of the state at their New Orleans wedding.

Pet-Themed Wedding Sugar Cookies


Dog cookie favors at a wedding



For their Dripping Springs, Texas wedding, Lyndee and Caleb made sure to have man’s best friend represented in sugar cookie form!

Military-Themed Wedding Sugar Cookies


Military-themed wedding sugar cookies



Carla and Richard (a US Navy Senior Chief) made sure to represent the groom’s military background in their patriotic sugar cookie spread at their Colfax, North Carolina nuptials.

Monogrammed Wedding Sugar Cookies


Monogrammed sugar cookies at a wedding



At their Lenexa, Kansas wedding, Dan and Michael served monogrammed sugar cookies as a favor at each guest’s place setting.