The Top 10 Most Popular Engagement Rings of 2015

The “peak” wedding engagement season, when supposedly 20% of the wedding proposals and engagements take place, formerly considered to run from Christmas Eve through Valentines Day, now, according to some sources, starts on Thanksgiving Day and runs through Valentines Day.
But as we all know, wedding proposals and engagements take place year round. And, judging by the fact that interest in our articles and pins about engagement rings remains consistently high year-round, brides and potential brides really never stop visiting jewelry stores and browsing the Internet searching for that perfect engagement ring.
So if you are in the market for an engagement ring, or will be soon, and you are looking for some engagement ring selection guidance, check out these 10 most popular engagement rings of 2015, from Ritani:

Now that we are almost at the end of 2015, it’s interesting to look back and see which Ritani engagement ring styles have been the most popular with our customers. Find your inspiration in these bestselling engagement rings, all handcrafted in New York.

Customers can select their own choice of center diamond, and pair with their favorite precious metal setting. From platinum to trending rose gold, each brings a unique look that feels truly special.

1. French-set cushion-shaped halo engagement ring

cushion halo


The most popular engagement ring of 2015, this French-set cushion-shaped diamond halo style is extraordinarily brilliant. Whether paired with a cushion or round-cut center stone, the cushion halo of pavé diamonds brings an antique-inspired silhouette that feels both stylish and timeless. More pavé diamonds adorn the band, for sparkle from every angle.

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2. Timeless solitaire engagement ring

six prong solitaire

It’s no surprise to see timeless solitaires on a list of popular engagement rings, but this style is particularly special. A knife edge brings an extra facet to the band, reflecting the center stone’s radiance from multiple angles. Six prongs cradle your choice of diamond, elevated above the band for a classically radiant effect. While platinum was 2015’s most popular choice of metal for this solitaire setting, it is sought after in yellow gold and rose gold, too.

3. Tulip Cathedral Style

tulip cathedral solitaire

Another popular solitaire ring setting, this tulip cathedral style tapers as it meets the center stone. Four double prongs secure the diamond, whether you opt for a classic round or a vintage step-cut silhouette. Platinum is the most popular choice for engagement ring metals, emphasizing the lack of color in diamonds with its cool gleam.

4. Classic engagement ring with brilliant micropavé diamonds lacing the band

modern bypass ring

With its modern bypass band, this classic engagement ring has a contemporary twist. Tiny but brilliant micropavé diamonds lace the band, parting at the head to encircle a sparkling center stone. 14kt white gold is an affordable choice of metal, allowing you to invest more in an ornate setting or diamond of higher quality.

5. Solitaire diamond ring with classic four prong setting and sleek white gold band 

knife edge solitaire

Simple yet stunning, this solitaire diamond ring has an X silhouette, visible from the sides of its head. Paired with the band’s shape, this ‘XO’ represents endless love. A classic four prong setting and sleek white gold band showcases the wearer’s diamond with an eternal grace.


6. French-set diamond band engagement ring in white gold


It’s clear why this French-set diamond band engagement ring in white gold is so popular. A sleek silhouette with lots of sparkle, the center diamond draws attention, yet is amplified by the pavé diamonds on the band. While round-cut diamonds are typically chosen for this style, it is also stunning when paired with princess, emerald and asscher cuts.

7. Split-shank French-set engagement ring

double french-set diamond ring

Set in chic 18kt white gold – or whichever alternative precious metal you prefer from our selection – this split shank French-set engagement ring is beautifully distinctive. Negative spacing between the two parts of the band allow this ring to seem larger on the finger, with each diamond possessing extraordinary sparkle.

8. French-set diamond engagement ring

french-set diamond ring

Designed with surprise diamonds set into the side of the head, this French-set engagement ring exhibits brilliance from all angles. Suitable for a wide range of center stone shapes, this sought after ring style is both versatile and chic.

9. Round halo engagement ring

round halo engagement ring

Ritani’s most popular round halo engagement ring setting, this setting surrounds your choice of center stone with even more radiance. French-set diamonds rest on the band, as well as in the setting, exhibiting their flash and fire in every direction. This ring can also be paired with more unusual diamond cuts, such as radiant and oval shapes.

10. Cushion halo engagement ring with 14 kt white gold band cushion halo ring

Paired with a sleek 14kt white gold band, this cushion halo engagement ring is a true customer favorite. Choose the perfect round or cushion-cut (cushion-shaped diamonds were increasingly popular in 2015), and frame it with a dazzling halo of smaller stones. A subtle split in the band near the head brings an extra touch of vintage detailing.

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