Impressive Wedding Cake Alternatives – Part 1


You’re not the type of bride to get excited by the traditional round, 2 or 3-tier white wedding cake, and you are looking for some impressive wedding cake alternatives. There are alternatives such as candy bars and dessert tablesas well as other  non-traditional wedding dessert ideas.

Here are some more impressive wedding cake alternatives, from Weddzilla: 

Not everyone is a fan of the traditional wedding cake, and increasingly couples are looking for options that are more suited to their style and taste.

Luckily these days you can find an abundance of different alternatives, from the mouth watering to the downright wacky – porkpie tower anyone?

Take a look at our top twenty compilation. We’ve included some stylish and unusual ideas, including sweet, savoury and something a little healthier. Now all you have to decide is which one you would choose to round off the most important meal of your life.


On trend for a few years now, cup cakes are a perfect alternative to wedding cakes. They can be exquisitely decorated in a range of different colours or designs. A further advantage is that you can provide a number of different flavours to suit the preferences of any guest.


Image via Wedding Wire.


Not everyone has a sweet tooth, so in recent years we have seen the rise in popularity of the cheese tower as a wedding desert. Amazingly, rounds of cheese can be fabulously decorated, and you can still both hold the knife if you want to make the traditional first cut!


Image via 100 Layer Cake.

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Bite sized and a perfect accompaniment to coffee, truffles could either make an impressive single table decoration, or could form a number of smaller towers to be placed on individual tables. Don’t forget, you don’t have to stick to one kind of chocolate, try dark, white, milk or even mint and orange.


Image via Let the Baking Begin.


For the less traditional wedding, doughnuts could either be served fresh from an onsite van, perfect for outdoor weddings, or could form a beautifully arranged sugary tower.


Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream, whether served in small individual cups, or forming part of a cone tower, the decoration and flavour possibilities are endless.


Image via Uschi and Kay.


For the more health conscious why not try a tower of fruit with a variety of sauces? Hot chocolate fondue towers are also a popular pairing, although you’ll have to be prepared for messy children.


7. Crepes

Crepes can be served individually with a choice of flavourings, or form part of an impressive crepe tower. The choice is yours!