How to pull off a red lip like a Hollywood A-Lister

Check out how to pull off a red lip like a Hollywood A-List, from Drop Dead Gorgeously:

I can’t help but get all excited when the Oscars are on! I gleefully watch what kind of fashions grace the red carpet, get (probably too) emotionally invested in who wins what (Go Leo!), and I’m even guilty of getting a little choked up during a particularly emotional acceptance speech (it’s just hayfever, all right?).

I try not to judge too harshly on what the women are wearing, as I strongly believe that the night should be focused on the achievements of those present and not about what their stylist told them to wear. But the Academy Awards of the last few years have definitely seen a return to the kind of old school Hollywood glamour of years gone by.

Beautiful floor-length gowns embellished with crystals and lace, in classic colours and accessorised with the most beautiful jewels. I also find the beauty looks of these ladies ones to gain inspiration from when I’m doing my own makeup. Although I’ve recently toned it down a lot with my daily makeup routine, I still like to get a bit dolled up when I hit the town, and I’ve always found the easiest way to do this is with a red lip!


Red lips can get a bad rap — I know many of you out there think that it’s not for you — but let me please tell you that this is simply not true! A red lip will look good on anyone and everyone. All you need to do is find the right shade for your skin tone (a makeup artist at your nearest beauty counter can help you there) and then wear it with confidence! You’ll be surprised how much it makes you feel like a movie star!!!

What you’ll need:

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  1. Start off by applying a good foundation base complete with concealer, contouring and highlighting, blusher. Fill in your brows and complete any other steps that are regular in your beauty routine.
  2. Apply a neutral eye shadow colour to your eyelids, with a highlighter right in the corners to make your eyes pop!
  3. Place a thin brush in a straight line from the tip of your nostril to the end of your eyebrow. This is where you should take out the wing of your eye liner.
  4. Apply the eyeliner — it is up to you how dramatic a look to go for. You can keep it natural or really go for the cat-eye look!
  5. Apply your lip colour. I like using a lip pencil when wearing a red lip as I find that the colour always stays longer, doesn’t smudge and doesn’t get on my teeth! The Urban Decay pencil that I used was so velvety and moisturising with a rich colour — perfect for that red carpet look!

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