The Bachelor’s Engagement Ring: The Details on the Ring That Juan Pablo Didn’t Use!



Photo: Courtesy of Neil Lane


In case you missed it: The most exciting result of Monday night’s tense and extremely awkward Bachelor finale was the announcement that season fave Andi Dorfman will be the next Bachelorette! As Chris Harrison made clear in the After the Final Rose special, Juan Pablo’s lack of emotions and public bashing of the franchise was not ok. Not only did he skip the proposal (which in reality is totally fine to do after only knowing someone eight weeks!), he also didn’t tell the recipient of his final rose, Nikki Ferrell, he loved her. The poor girl has been staring at him with googly eyes for months, even gifting him a framed picture of the couple with a card signed “I love you!”

Empathetic and concerned feelings for Nikki aside, the biggest disappointment of the night had to be that Juan Pablo let a gorgeous (gratis!) Neil Lane engagement ring go to waste (see above).

Let’s break it down: The Neil Lane custom bauble weighs in at a blinding 3.5 total carats. The center stone, a cushion-cut diamond is set in a platinum band, which is encrusted with more than 240 smaller diamonds. And as you can see from the two side shots below, unlike Ms. Ferrell, this ring is dripping in diamonds.



Photos: Courtesy of Neil Lane

Funny enough, we may not have been the ones most disappointed by Juan Pablo’s non-proposal. Neil Lane, resident Bachelor jeweler extraordinaire, was shocked that his gorgeous gem wasn’t utilized.

“Juan Pablo was very enthusiastic and very focused about picking out a ring,” Lane tells People of the season’s controversial ending. “He was talking to me like a guy who is about to propose would talk, and he seemed to take it very seriously.”

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According to the celebrity jeweler, Juan Pablo also seemed to be certain that Nikki was the one. “He indicated to me that he had found the right girl,” Lane adds. “Sitting in St. Lucia and talking to him, it was clear he had a girl in mind and he wasn’t taking it lightly. He seemed excited about the moment and finding the best ring for this particular girl. When I left him, he seemed prepared to propose. There were other bachelors over the years, like Jake Pavelka, who seemed less certain or who might have been struggling. Juan Pablo was not that way.”

So, what’s going to happen to that stunning sparkler? A source close to the show disclosed to People: “The ring is now with producers and is not in Juan Pablo’s possession. If a proposal doesn’t occur on the show, the show holds on to the ring. If Juan Pablo decides to propose in the near future, the ring would be his for the asking. But much further down the line? It’s unclear whether or not he’d still have access to it.”

Well, from what we can tell, this ring is going to float away in TV land abyss. Adios, gorgeous gem, it was nice knowing you!