7 Ways To Serve Pie At Your Wedding


As you embark on your wedding planning, we are sure that you are finding that there are plenty of choices available when it comes to what type of wedding cake or wedding dessert to have. From classic confections featuring flowers or piping  to a more non-traditional choice such as a show-stopping geometric wedding cakethere is a great deal of advice for choosing a wedding cake available so that you should have no problem finding a creative and tantalyzing wedding cakeincluding the hot new trend of multiple mini wedding cakesas well as black wedding cake options that alt-brides will love

But of course you know that there is no rule that you have to serve just wedding cake for your wedding dessert – or that you have a cake at all. There are certainly many options if you’re not the type of bride who gets excited by the traditional round, 2 or 3-tier white wedding cake, or by any wedding cake at all. There are wedding dessert ideas that are not cake, such as candy bars and dessert tablesas well as other  non-traditional wedding dessert ideas and wedding cake alternatives

And there is also pie! Check out these 7 ways to serve pie at your wedding, reblogged from the knot: 

On this mathematical holiday (it’s Pi Day! Get it?) we’re celebrating numerical pi’s delicious homophone, pie!

By Simone Hill

  1. Since Pi Day falls on a Saturday this year, 3/14 is actually a big day for weddings. People love numerically significant wedding days, and Pi Day is no exception. Good thing it’s easy to celebrate this mathematical day with something sweet — pie! ​Ahh pie, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. Number one, pie pairs perfectly with weddings. Just like your favorite little black dress, pie is always appropriate. Plus, it’s one of the most seasonal foods around. Get inspired to add a little of pie’s golden brown goodness to your wedding day!​

  2. Delicious mini wedding pies with flavor flags.

    1. Mini Pies

    ​Bite-sized pies mean you can taste every flavor!​

  3. A pie bar dessert spread at a wedding.

    2. A Pie Bar

    It’s no secret, we love food bars! Just imagine an endless (just like pi’s endless decimal places) table full of different pies. Yum!

  4. Pie pop wedding desserts in a rustic, vintage Pepsi crate.

    3. Pie Pops!

    A portable way to eat pie!

  5. wedding favors - mini pies in jars on a rustic wooden chair.

    4. Pie-In-A-Jar Favors!

    What better way to thank your guests than with sweet and delicious pies!

  6. A monogrammed wedding pie

    5. Monogrammed Pie

    Monograms aren’t just for cakes and napkins, personalize your pie too!

  7. Stacked wedding pies with bride and groom monkey cake toppers.

    6. Stacked Pies

    For the look of cake with the taste of pie, stacked pies create a chic deconstructed look. (Monkey cake topper optional).

  8. A groom's cake that looks like a pie

    7. A Cake That Looks Like Pie?

    This impeccable pie is actually a cake in the shape of a pie. Now that’s confusing, but also, delicious!

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