40 Beautiful Wedding Bands That Are To Die For

When it comes to wedding rings, almost all of the attention is focused on the engagement ring. Now that you have found the engagement ring of your dreams, and you can look forward to the day when you’ll marry the love of your life, what of wedding bands? There are many options, from diamond pave to plain metal bands, as we noted in our post The Perfect Wedding Bands: Matching or Unique.  
So today we have more beautiful wedding bands for you to see, from revived vintage designs to new favorites, these wedding band styles are sure to catch your attention.
Check out these 40 beautiful wedding bands that are to die for,  from Buzzfeed:

The engagement ring isn’t the only thing that shines on your ring finger.

40 Beautiful Wedding Bands That Are To Die For

Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

1. Clara Band, $1,590

The diamonds pop because of a little blackened gold in the background.

2. Vintage Dior Diamond and Ruby Band With Braided Accents, $1,150

Vintage Dior Diamond and Ruby Band With Braided Accents, $1,150

The 18K yellow gold band is circa the 20th century.

3. Ruby and Diamond Band In Rose Gold, $800

Ruby and Diamond Band In Rose Gold, $800

This one could perfectly stack or live on it’s own, too!

4. Diamond Twinkle Band, $440

Available in rose, white, and yellow gold.

5. Art Deco-inspired Chevron Band, $800

Art Deco-inspired Chevron Band, $800

The chevron pattern covers three sides of the band.

6. The Eternity Heart Band, $85

The Eternity Heart Band, $85

This one is so sweet.

7. White Diamond Heart Ring, $800

White Diamond Heart Ring, $800

Sparkle sparkle!

8. Narrow Branch Wedding Band in Silver, $125

10. Pave Emerald Ring, $800

Pave Emerald Ring, $800

This design is also available in rubysapphire, and black diamonds.

11. This Diamond Cut Gold Band, $300

This Diamond Cut Gold Band, $300

It’s 18K gold, and will shimmer in the light because of the cool cut.

12. Art Nouveau Rose Gold Ring, $320

Art Nouveau Rose Gold Ring, $320

This is so dainty and sweet, especially when paired with a more classic engagement ring.

13. Curved Wedding Ring, $385

Curved Wedding Ring, $385

The curve of the ring allows room for that big rock to shine!

14. Rough Diamond and Sterling Silver Half-Eternity Band, $490

Rough Diamond and Sterling Silver Half-Eternity Band, $490

These conflict-free diamonds may be rough around the edges, but they’re all kinds of beautiful.

15. Variance Objects Ombre Band Ring, $90

No two of these bands is exactly alike, and it really highlights the natural beauty of the mixed metals.

16. Sonoma Wedding Band, $2,550

Sonoma Wedding Band, $2,550

This 18K yellow gold band features twenty-four Rose Cut diamonds. Wowza!

17. Rose Gold Wedding Band, $545

Rose Gold Wedding Band, $545

The design is carved into the ring with a small chisel, and then blackened so it pops beautifully against the rose gold.

18. Turquoise Wedding Band, $674

Turquoise Wedding Band, $674

The turquoise really compliments those white diamonds, right?!

19. Antique Platinum Diamond Half Hoop Ring, $770

This ring from the 1930s is 18K gold and features marquis shape diamonds.

20. Textured Gold Band, $375

Textured Gold Band, $375

Why not opt for a little subtle texture to add depth to your ring finger?

21. Tiniest Diamond Ring, $470

Tiniest Diamond Ring, $470

This band won’t upstage your engagement ring, but it will add some needed texture and sparkle.

23. Citrine Rise Ring, $253

You know what’s better than a delicate ring? A delicate AND sophisticated one.

24. Plume Stackable Diamond Band Ring, $1,990

Plume Stackable Diamond Band Ring, $1,990

If you want a little edge and glam, this yellow gold and white diamond band is a great bet.

25. Personalized natural wood ring, $150

Personalized natural wood ring, $150

These rings are made to order and can be inscribed with whatever words you like!

26. A traditional wring with a fingerprint wrap, $195

A traditional wring with a fingerprint wrap, $195

That’s right, you can have your partner’s fingerprint (yes, their actual print) on the inside of your ring. Brent & Jess have an amazing selection of wedding bands with the option to add a fingerprint, which is a super personal way to step your ring game up.

27. The Ties That Bind Band, $150

Available in sterling silver, gold, and rose gold!

28. Tourmaline Slide Ring, $147

This hand-carved ring is so unique and special — have you ever seen anything like it?!

29. Diamond & Platinum Leaf Band, $3,320

Diamond & Platinum Leaf Band, $3,320

The best part of this cuff ring is how each end points to the engagement ring.

30. Senna Narrow Band, $347

Senna Narrow Band, $347

Who needs jewels when you have this beauty?

31. Loved Ring, $420

On one side you’re Loved, and on the other you’ve got two diamonds. Basically, you’re winning all around.

32. Triple Diamond Speckled Band, $400

The small details in these bands are really what catches the eye, and they come in plenty of color options!

33. Baguette Diamond Fireworks Band, $1,000

Baguette Diamond Fireworks Band, $1,000

Baguette diamonds never looked so pretty.

35. Twig Ring, $350

Twig Ring, $350

Available in gold or rose gold, this lovely band is perfect for nature lovers.

36. The Melanie Ring, $1,395

The Melanie Ring, $1,395

Like a mini crown for your hand!

37. Heartbeat Rings, $200

Beautiful Wedding Band

Via etsy.com

Beautiful Wedding Band

Via etsy.com

The love of your life has your heart, and vice versa, so these heartbeat rings, that line up and connect together, are a really sweet tribute to that.

38. Light Blue Ombre Sapphire Halo Ring, $2,134

Light Blue Ombre Sapphire Halo Ring, $2,134

This looks like something out of a fairytale, right?

39. Diamond and Sapphire Stack Ring, $670

Diamond and Sapphire Stack Ring, $670

White diamonds and blue sapphires give this band its regal feel.

40. Diamond Amour Ring, $800

Diamond Amour Ring, $800

An inscription around the ring reads, “Amour dure sans fin,” which translates to, “Love lasts eternally.”