20 More Long Hair Braids Styles

A few days ago we presented some very chic and stylish braid hairstyles for long hair in our article 15 Long Hair Braids Styles.

Here are 20 more long hair braids styles, from Long Hairstyless:

Braids are so hot right now! Season after season, designers have been sending all types of braids down the runway at Fashion Week, making braid hairstyles formally on trend for just about everyone. The types of braids seems endless… with so many new looks found on the streets, runways, etc.. Whether they’re fishtail, milkmaid, or the tried and trueFrench braid, however you separate it, braids are here to stay. They’re fun, easy, and a commitment free way to change up your long hairstyle.

It would be nearly impossible to pull together every kind of braid out there, but we’ve pull very beautiful 35 long braided hair. Below, we’ve rounded up 35 Long Hair Braids Styles to inspire you to try styling your own look at home, with plenty of new ideas. Long haired girls can be inspired by a new braid (or two) from the gallery below.

1. Best Romantic Prom Hairstyle for Long Ginger Hair Idea

Best Romantic Prom Hairstyle for Long Hair Idea

2. Cute Bun Long Hair Style with Braids

Cute Bun Long Hair Styles Braids for Girls


3. Braided Half Updo Long Wavy Hair

Braided Half Updo Long Hair Pictures


4. Braided Volleyball Long Simple Hair

Braided Volleyball Long Hair


5. Goddess Braid Style for Natural Long Thick Hair

Goddess Braid Styles for Natural Long Hair


6. Nice Thick Braid Dark Long Hairdo

Nice Thick Braid Dark Long Hair


7. Best Braided Updo for Long and Thick Hairstyle

Best Braided Updo for Long and Thick Hair


8. Cara Delevingne Tight French Gorgeous Braid

Cara Delevingne Tight French Braid

9. Cute Blonde Braided Thin Hair

Cute Blonde Braided Hair


10. Loose Side Braid for Long Hair

Loose Side Braid for Long Hairstyles


11. Boho Long Hairstyle with Different Braids

Boho Long Hairstyles with Braids


12. Braided Brown Curly Hair Updo for Long Hairstyle

Braided Brown Hair Updo for Long Hairstyles


13. Long Beautiful Hairdo with Braids

Long Beautiful Hair with Braids


14. Special Braided Long Hairstyle

Special Braided Long Hairstyle


15. Unique Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

Unique Fishtail Braid Hairstyle


16. Waterfall Braid

Easy Waterfall Braid Idea


17. Simple Long Hair Braid for Summer

Gorgeous Braid Long Hair for Summer


18. Cute Gİnger Girl with Braids

Cute Ginger Girl with Braids


19. Sporty Long Braid Hairstyle

Sporty Long Braid Hairstyle


20. Crimping Iron Long Hairdo with Braids

Crimping Iron Long Hair with Braids

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