12 Unique Wedding Desserts Beside Cake


12 Unique Wedding Desserts Beside Cake

Today we feature 12 unique wedding desserts wedding cake.

Your choice of wedding cake and other wedding desserts helps set the tone for your wedding. If you are looking for something other than the traditional wedding cake featuring piping and flowers, then you have a number options, such as these trendy wedding cakes for you to get inspired or these wedding cakes with creative designs.

Or you can be totally unconventional with black wedding cakes and show-stopping geometric wedding cakeswhich are definitely becoming a trend. Other wedding cake trends include the cascade wedding cake and A Dessert Trend We’re Loving Right Now: Mosaic Wedding Cakes well as stained-glass wedding cakesthese candy-covered wedding cakesand these contemporary wedding cakes almost too cool to cut into

But of course you know that there is no rule that you have to serve just wedding cake for your wedding dessert – or that you have a cake at all. There are certainly many options if you’re not the type of bride who gets excited by the traditional round, 2 or 3-tier white wedding cake, or by any wedding cake at all. There are wedding dessert ideas that are not cake, such as candy bars and dessert tablesas well as other  non-traditional wedding dessert ideas and wedding cake alternatives

Check out these 12 unique wedding desserts beside cake, from Colin Cowie Weddings:

When it comes to weddings, you’re pretty much guaranteed a slice of wedding cake.  Right? Wrong! Take your guests by surprise by ending the night on a fabulously sweet note with these unique and fun wedding desserts. They definitely take the cake- away!


1. Go Nuts, For Donuts

A Donut truck is the perfect surprise for your guests. Food trucks are a fun way to spice up your affair and there’s no better way to warm your guests hearts up then with a warm fresh donut and a tall glass of apple cider.Unique Wedding Desserts Beside Cake - DonutsJack Looney Photography

2. Get ‘Em While They’re Hot 

A hot chocolate will have all your guests feeling warm and cozy. Let your guests customize their own drinks, with fun toppings and add ons.Unique Wedding Desserts Beside Cake - Hot ChocolateCourtesy of Pen & PaperFlowers Studio & Design

Hot Chocolate Wedding Dessert

3. Scoop It Up 

The ice cream bar will be more popular than the regular bar. Ice cream is an all time classic dessert that nobody can resist. Guests will love the option of making their own ice cream sundae. Bonus points for providing toppings in your wedding colors!Ice Cream Wedding DessertIce Cream Wedding Dessert

4. Grab Em’ And Go 

The only thing that goes better than you and your fiancé are milk and cookies: the original duo. This adorable milk and cookie shot adds such a unique twist on the classic dessert that everyone loves.Unique Wedding Dessert - Milk and CookiesImage Credit: Top-Theilen Photography; Bottom Left-Colin Cowie Celebrations; Bottom Right-Pop SugarUnique Wedding Dessert - Milk and CookiesCourtesy of Wedding Ideas

5. Put Candy Land To Shame 

Indulge everyone’s inner child with a fabulous candy bar. Guests can make their very own candy bags to enjoy at the party and to take home with them later.Wedding Candy BarColin Cowie CelebrationsWedding Candy BarColin Cowie Celebrations

6. Non-Traditional Wedding Cake 

Your cake, your way. Think cupcake tower, cake pop tower or even a macaron cake. Arrange the sweet of your choice in tiers, like a wedding cake, and get ready for oohs and ahhs!Unique Wedding Desserts Beside CakeCourtesy of Sweet Lauren Cakes

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Unique Wedding Desserts Beside CakeCourtesy of Love Me Do Photography

Wedding Desserts Beside CakeCourtesy of One Love Photo

Unique Wedding Desserts Beside CakeCourtesy of Yummy Cupcakes and Cakesm

7. S’mores Bar For The Win 

Everyone will want some more of this. This s’mores bar is a fun station that guests won’t be able to get enough of. How could you go wrong with the combination of marshmallow, chocolate and graham cracker?Unique Wedding Desserts Beside Cake - S'mores BarWedding Desserts S'mores BarCourtesy of EllyB Events

8. Marshmallow Take Over

What’s better then a marshmallow? A dressed up marshmallow! This treat is simple and easy to do but looks absolutely adorable.Unique Wedding Desserts Beside Cake - MarshallowsCourtesy of Give Recipe

Unique Wedding Desserts Beside Cake - MarshallowsCourtesy of Diana Marie Photography

9. All You Need Is LOVE & Some Chocolate 

A chocolate fountain is something your guests will be ALL over. Use fruit that’s in season or cakes and cookies. Be sure to have extras because people will definitely be coming back for seconds.

Unique Wedding Desserts Beside Cake - Chocolate Fountain

10. Milkshakes For Everyone 

Don’t you hate it when you’re making a milkshake and the boys just show up in your yard? A make your own milkshake station will be a big hit that’ll leave your guests completely satisfied.Wedding Desserts - Milkshake StationCourtesy of Hey Gorgeous Events

Wedding Desserts - Milkshake Station

11. Keep Calm And Eat Cotton Candy 

Take a trip down memory lane and allow guests to become nostalgic with this childhood favorite snack. Nobody can resist the fluffy sweetness on a stick that is cotton candy. Plus, it looks super cute in pictures!Wedding Desserts - Cotton CandyCourtesy of CB & J

Wedding Desserts - Cotton Candy

12. Take a Bite out of This 

People love two things, ice cream and cookies. Combining the two to create the ice cream sandwich is going to rock your guest’s worlds. This decadent dessert will leave a smile on everyone’s face. Wedding Desserts - Ice Cream SandwichesImage Credits: Top Left-Cooking On The Side; Top Right-Half Baked Harvest; Bottom Left-Red Book; Bottom Right-Cool Mom Picks

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-Nicole Koffler