Here Are 10 Never-Before-Seen Wedding Guest Book Ideas



Much of wedding planning involves pretty much sticking to the tried and true wedding ideas and methods. But if you are looking for a way to distinguish your wedding with a bit of creativity then you should consider these 10 never-before-seen wedding guest book ideas.

We have featured many creative ways and unique wedding guest book alternatives to capture the memory of all the wedding guests who help you celebrate your extraordinary wedding day. If you are the DIY type you may want to try making your own wedding guest book like our very popular DIY Shadow Box Wedding Guest Book

Other unique wedding guest book ideas include have your wedding guests color in a cartoon character wedding guest bookas well as wedding guestbook alternatives for creative couples

Here are 10 never-before-seen wedding guest books, from weddingbells:

Looking for some new and fun guest book ideas? Luckily for you, there are an array of alternative guest book ideas to consider. From a question booth to a how-do-you-know-the-couple board to anniversary notes, there are plenty of unique guest book ideas that your guests are guaranteed to ooh and aah over.

Traditionally, wedding guests would sign their names and offer well-wishes in a hard-covered book that the couple would later take home and read. These days, wishing trees and photo boards have become the new norm.

The more personalized and creative your guest book is, the more fun your wedding guests will have with it. Not only will this be entertaining for your guests, but a unique book will also be a much more valuable keepsake for you and your new husband to treasure. Here are 10 cool guest book ideas for you to include into your wedding day.



1. What They Love About You Wedding Guest Book

If you want an extremely easy, affordable and unique guest book, this is it. All you have to do is buy a pack of cards, punch holes in them, stick binder rings in the holes, and personalize the front and back cover. You can personalize the front any way you like, and buy post-its and pens, so that your guests can put ‘what they love about you’ inside.

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2. How Do You Know These People Wedding Guest Board

You can now make a game out of your guest book! You can let your guests write how they know you or your husband or both of you, and after the wedding it will be up to you to guess who each person is! It is a fun way to get your guests involved and will definitely stir up conversation between strangers. You can personalize your board any way you want and it can be an affordable DIY project. All you have to do is buy a board and markers or pens!

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3. Video Wedding Guest Book

A video guest book is definitely one that all of your guests will be excited to contribute to. Your friends and family can leave a simple video message or tell a story (i.e how you and your husband met, how you and the guest themselves met, etc).

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4. Wedding Guest Book Anniversary Notes

Let your guests make you notes for each of your anniversaries to come determined by table numbers! Depending on your guest’s table number, they will leave you a note for that particular anniversary. So, if a guest is at table nine, you will be reading their note on your ninth anniversary. This way you will have a cool keepsake to remind you of your wedding day each year!

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5. Wedding Guest Book Shoe

A shoe guest book is a cute and unexpected idea. Get a pair of white shoes so the writing can be read clearly and make sure you get pens that can be used on material!

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6. Wedding Guest Book Question Booths

Instead of handing out questionnaires, which has been done before, have question booths set up so that numerous guests can fill out assorted quirky questionnaires all at once.

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7. Wedding Guest Book Index Cards

Get your guests to write their well wishes on index cards and file them. This is an especially sweet idea for a vintage-inspired celebration.

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8. Wedding Guest Book Postcards.

If you have a lot of family and friends at your wedding that are from out of town or you simply love to travel, this guest book is perfect for you! Get a bunch of postcards from all over the world and get your guests to leave you a message on them. If you want, put your address and a stamp on each of them and have someone mail them to you so that you receive them after your honeymoon!

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9. Wedding Guest Book Poster

This guest book alternative can double as a decor element. Personalize this poster with your names and wedding date and customize the watercolour buntings to match your colour palette. Then have each guest sign a flag.

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10. Wedding Guest Book Mad Libs

Who doesn’t love mad libs? This quirky guest book alternative should definitely inspire some hilarious comments.

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